Karnak 19 Ultra is a rubber-reinforced asphalt product that can be used to repair leaks, cracks and holes in a variety of construction materials. Once the roof repair product has dried over problem areas a durable, flexible and high-adhesion rubber coating is created. A high resistance to water and weathering, the corrosion resistant repair coating will perform in a wide range of temperatures without sagging.

Applications for this product include on asphalt, concrete, metal or felt roofs and for leaks in chimney flashings, skylight flashings, flue flashings, downpipes and wall flashings. Why not try using Karnak 19 Ultra as a sealant for holes in roofs, cracks in concrete or a joint filler for precast roof slabs?

Karnak 19 Ultra doesn’t need to be mixed or changed in anyway before it’s ready for use, simply apply with a trowel. This product can even be applied under water thanks to its water displacement quality and rapid repair capabilities.

Please note: This product is a 0.25 litre tube.