In most cases we can deliver products in 1-2 days depending on location and time of order.

If you know which product you need then click on the link below to take you through to our online retail partner who will be able to arrange delivery.
If your project is over 200 square meters or you want to talk with one of our technical team, please call 02038 870 353.


ECOPROOF20 - 20 year roofing system
RUBBERROOF- 10 year roofing system
DECKPROOF - Fast curing roofing system
DECKPROOF BALCONY - Fast curing balcony system
DECKPROOF GUTTER - Fast curing gutter system
ECOTHANE - Polyurethane roofing system
KARNAK 19 ULTRA - Instant roof repair
KARNAK PATCH - Repair for Single Ply
ELASTO-KOTE - Metal roof coating - Call for a quote 02038 870 353
LIQUITANK - Below ground waterproofing - Call for a quote 02038 870 353

Deckproof - Balconies & Terraces

DeckProof - Balconies & Terraces is our high performance, rapid curing, cold liquid applied PMMA waterproof and anti-skid. Designed specifically to coat areas with high volume foot traffic, DeckProof - Balconies & Terraces is tough and robust yet flexible.

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DeckProof - Roofs

DeckProof is our high performance, rapid curing, cold liquid applied waterproofing system. With a typical curing time of 20 minutes, suitable for year round application. Applied by brush or roller, DeckProof is one of the fastest and most cost effective waterproofing options for both commercial and residential projects.

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EcoProof Liquid Rubber - Small Roofs

Liquid Rubber has been developed to help combat the problems that exist with old, damaged and leaking roofs. One main concern that we always hear from customers is the extreme costs involved. Liquid Rubber fully bonds to the surface creating a waterproof barrier between the roof, rain and air which start the corrosion process, by blocking this we inhibit rust and corrosion from further damaging the roof.

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EcoThane - Large Flat Roofs

EcoThane is our single component fast curing polyurethane system developed using only PURE POLYURETHANE technology ensuring long life performance & UV resistance. Polyurethanes are known for their exceptional strength and elastic properties, with this in mind EcoThane offers the complete system for waterproofing roofs, balconies, gutter and walkways.

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Elasto-kote - Large Pitched Roofs

Americas premier roof coating for metal roofs, hand applied or airless sprayed, with rust inhibitors and self-priming allowing large areas of corrugated metal roofing to be resealed in less time. Elasto-Kote is an SEB/SEBS thermoplastic waterproofing system designed specifically for application onto pitched roofs and ideal for metal, coated metal, concrete and asbestos surfaces.

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LiquiTank - Belowground

LiquiTank is our high performance waterproofing membrane designed specifically for tanking and underground waterproofing with built in Radon Protection Technology. LiquiTank is ideal for internal and external waterproofing and its seamless finish removes any concerns that traditional systems may present in eliminating any joints.

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Roof Repair - Emergency Repair & Gutters

Our range of quick fix products for those difficult repairs including products which can be applied under water.

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